Piaseczno, Villa Julianna 2014

Expansion previously made in 2008 winter garden.

In Piaseczno Julianowska VILLA JULIANNA street. Coservatory in the English style. White with glazing bars. The area of ​​118 m2. After connecting to the existing total area of ​​the conservatory is 173 m2

To make the structure used coniferous wood panels. The supporting structure or posts and beams and rafters of the roof is made of laminated spruce wood. Workpieces on milling and 5-axis CNC. Calls to traditional dovetail tenons. The outer surface of the roof sealed aluminum profile system Gutmann Classic Lara.

Roof glazing Ug = 0.6 (the triple set) further lower pane safety glass class P2. For this glass such as Sun-Protection 35/70 hardened.

The single-walled glass (double glazed) Ug = 1,1 addition of Class III 36dB sound.

The front wall of sliding doors used in the technology fretless HS 2/3 of the wall opening. To weathering the winter garden are windows in the front wall under the roof lifted with the help of electric actuators.

Architectural design and Grafik in Cinema 3D: designer master of Arts Małgorzata Idziak

Realization: technologist M.Sc. Tadeusz Idziak